Thursday, June 21, 2012

Better country to live in, France or Canada

Better country to live in, France or Canada?
And which has the better government?
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1 :
Canada- they have Bigfoot there.
2 :
The government have a better system to control their budget including medicare and education.
3 :
Unemployment in France for those under 25 is 25%. They keep letting immigrants in; and although they have great unemployment benefits they finance those by raising taxes on those that work. Canada, has insane gun control laws, and high taxes too. Their Social health care system is great if you do not have serious medical issues, or mind waiting to see a doctor for routine stuff. But they do have hockey! and good beer. CANADA for the win. From an American.
4 :
Canada, at least they have fireworks there. The first firecracker that goes off in France, they surrender to somebody.
5 :
The idiots who say bad things about Canada's medical system have never lived there. I did for 49 years and it is fine. That it is bad is right wing propaganda meant to make people think the US non-system is good. Canada had 1/3 the unemployment of France, a trade surplus, a budget surplus, no bank failures ans the UN rates it as the best place in the world to live. I am living in LA only because I got offered my dream job here. As for the government itself, both countries have an honest government and a civil service that is no more of a pain in the butt as the US civil service.
6 :
As somebody who lives near Buffalo NY, and never been to France, I'd say Canada. Beautiful country, friendly people, and you don't have to learn a new language.
7 :
do not go to canada, they are terrible. check out the site "" you will be amazed at what you see.
8 :
that depends on which language you speak. I'm going to say Canada just because I live here, I have used the medical system and recived EXCELENT service, and I dont need to learn french, although I do want to learn it.
9 :
Neither ...go to israel , housing, eduction, medical and nice welfare check for life ...all courtesy of u.s taxes payer.

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